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Top 5 Summer Wines from Ingleside

Finding ourselves in the heat of summer, we decided to ask our full and part-time staff to vote for their favorite summer wines from Ingleside. We asked them to think about wines that would be good for hot weather, that would pair well with summertime foods (on the grill, picnics, etc), or simply great to be enjoyed on the deck or poolside. We have compiled the results, and here are the winners:

#5. Coastal White 

Coming in at #5 was our Coastal White. Made from Chardonnay, the Coastal White was fermented and aged in stainless steel, giving it a fruit-forward flavor with a crisp finish. For those who prefer an unoaked Chardonnay, this is a great option. As the label featuring oysters suggests, this wine is great paired with local seafoods, from oysters to crab salad to grilled fish.

Coastal White is part of our Chesapeake Series, which celebrates the flora and fauna of our Chesapeake Bay region. The packaging for the series was designed by Watermark Design and was named “Best Label Series” in the Beverage Testing Institute’s 2018 Wine Packaging Competition.

#4. Pinot Grigio

Ingleside Pinot Grigio w blue crabs

Our Italian-style Pinot Grigio is a perennial summer favorite. This wine is light and fruity, perfect for the summer. Fermentation and aging was done in stainless steel to preserve its crispness. Try it with a summer picnic, with fresh seafood or just enjoy a glass on the patio!

#3. Rosato di Sangiovese

Ingleside Rosato di Sangiovese

Summer is rosè season! Our Rosato di Sangiovese is a dry yet fruit-forward rosè. It was produced using the Sangiovese grape and offers the perfect balance to please fans of both reds and whites. Pair it with a charcuterie platter, or just enjoy a glass on its own.

As our staff member Dave says: “Our Provençal-style rosè is the perfect accompaniment to summertime dining. I find excuses to enjoy it it throughout the year, but I always look forward to the Spring and Summer, when our Rosato really shines.”

Alyssa said this about the Rosato: “I picked Rosato di Sangiovese 2018 as my number one because it’s my go-to in the summertime, and I can enjoy it with or without food.”

#2. Blue Crab Blanc

Our Blue Crab Blanc came in at #2. This popular wine is part of our Chesapeake Series and features the iconic Blue Crab on the label. This fruit-forward wine features a slightly sweet finish. Pair it with Blue Crabs, fried oysters or other local seafoods. Try it with some spicy Thai cuisine – the sweetness will balance the spice. Serve it chilled and enjoy!

And (drumroll please), the overall winner was:

#1. Albariño

Ingleside Albarino 2017 awards

Our Albariño was the hands-down favorite among our staff. This wine is known for being crisp and refreshing on the palate and is the perfect accompaniment to seafood, such as local oysters.

As our staff member Linda put it, “The reason I picked the Albariño as my #1 is that on these hazy, hot, humid days it is so delicious that really helps ‘push back’ the heat, and goes wonderfully with most summer foods.”

Our Albariño has also been a consistent award winner for us. Our 2014 Albariño was named “Best White Wine” at the 2015 New York World Wine & Spirits Competition. Our 2016 Albariño was honored as “Best Albariño” at the 2017 San Francisco International Wine Competition. And our 2017 Albariño was named “Best White Wine in Show” at the 2018 State Fair of Virginia Wine Competition.

The 2018 Albariño is our current release and received a Gold medal in the 2019 State Fair of Virginia Wine Competition.

Honorable Mention: Red Drum

Although no red wines made the final list, we did receive many votes for our reds, from Cabernet Franc to Right Bank to Red Drum. Red Drum, another wine from our Chesapeake Series, was our “honorable mention” winner. This easy-drinking red features the red drum fish on the label. It can be served chilled or room temperature, making it a perfect red for summertime.

Mallory says: “I chose the Red Drum because this is a nice compromise wine. Many people who don’t like red wine are willing to try this one because it can be chilled and is easy to drink.”

We hope this list will help you select some great summer wines! All wines are available for shipping to VA, MD and CA through this website and for shipping to 35 other states via Vinoshipper. You can learn more at our Online Store.

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